Geodesic Event Dome Rentals in Virginia Beach

Regardless of the type of event you’re holding, be it concerts, trade fairs, tours and the like, we are more than capable of providing you with geodesic domes ideal for your event. Entrust us with your vision and we will make it happen. The geodesic event domes rentals in Virginia Beach are made of robust frames with fly sheets containing taped water resistance seams.
They are available on request, in a considerable amount of time.

The domes come in four fixed-screen partitions, which are flexible enough that allow you to put in indoor pockets, if you so desire. Each dome includes two shade walls that are adjustable; they can be removed or left in place to shield from the wind. They also shield against low-angle sunlight which is a huge plus especially here in the sunshine State.

The domes are thick and firm enough to withstand all weather conditions i.e. wind, rain, and snow.

Event Dome Rentals in Virginia Beach

We have Indoor and outdoor geodesic event domes rentals in Virginia Beach for every occasion. Geodesic event domes are available in different sizes and can be assembled on your site by our qualified field team or if you’d like, DIY step-by-step instructions that are very easy to follow. The tent domes can be placed on any field regardless of the texture of the terrain.

The portability of the geodesic event domes, the fair pricing and their quick installation makes them the most appealing choice for events or celebrations of any kind. Additionally, because of their unmatched geo-engineering power, they are the most ideal to fight off any weather conditions. A tent dome’s open interior encloses the greatest amount of interior space, providing a light eco-footprint with the lowest surface area. If the diameter of the dome doubles, the square film quadruples and produces eight times its volume, thereby reducing the costs and content.

Lightweight domes are assembled in a small time frame and designed for concerts, celebrations, or exhibitions. They have impeccable acoustics, sound control, microclimate management and they come in multiple options design-wise.

Projection Dome Rentals in Virginia Beach

One of the coolest features of the dome tents is a 360° projection dome in an exhibition. It provides considerable versatility in terms of branding and material, and it can be projected into the interior of the geodesic event dome rentals in Virginia Beach. At the same time, its external covers can also be printed to provide a more magical experience.

The projection dome rentals in Virginia Beach are fitted with steel tubes that have extremely sturdy resistance and structural integrity, enabling the cupola to grow to 17,000 m2 or to grow to 336 m2. That provides you with plenty of space to work with when you project content inside or when printing on the outside, In addition, the cupboard covers can be transparent or opaque, allowing you to project inside and also provide an image outside of the cupola. Dome structures are designed to withstand the high-load hanging of the structures inside the dome, like the sound system, lighting, and decorations. Typically, event domes come coated with PVC tents for hydro isolation. Transparent and heat-blocking tent types can also be used as options as part of the whole coating system.

Custom Dome Branding

Sustainable 3-D mapping dome labels and stickers in different shapes and colors can improve your brand’s visibility. Your business name or brand name stands out with adhesive-sticked bubble stickers, dome labels and a flexible waterproof urethane dome that does not crack or blur and has a continuous bright appearance. We produce very high quality and customizable indoor and outdoor domed tags, stickers, decals, and badges at affordable prices.

Event Prop Fabrication in Virginia Beach

We provide prop fabrication for shows, furniture exhibitions, advertisements, paintings, scenic options, sets, and various other items. We are a full-service, manufacturing facility supported with all the inventory, experience, and knowledge of a highly advanced event rental organization. Our company works actively on projects in various fields and products. We do more than manufacture; we plan, design, construct, deploy – we provide complete manufacturing and logistic services.

We provide comprehensive services for a wide range of applications and activities. If you are looking to offer a brand experience, build a marketing exhibition, a shopping show or a lobby, an atrium, a visitor center, and a friendly festive atmosphere, our well-equipped scenic shop is what you need. We are talented designers, producers, carpenters, and welders in many disciplines.

Event Dome Sizes for Every Event

Our tent dome rentals are adaptable for activities requiring a comfortable outdoor setting. Safe & secure domes are ideal for use all year round and vary in diameter and can be used according to your needs.

Below are the different dimensions:
6 m - Ideal for very small and/or intimate gatherings. Average number of guests is 16.   ● 8, 10, 12 meters – under the dome tent. Can sleep up to 65-105 people. Such domes are ideal for private events, shows, and other celebrations.   ● 14,19 m – Accommodates up to 155-235 inhabitants. Can be housed in volumetric buildings.   ● 25, 30 m – Accommodates up to 600 people. Ideal for large gatherings.  


Event Dome Rentals also provides full service event production services as well as providing equipment rentals. Our services range from simply delivering our audio rental equipment to your location, to delivery + setup of the audio equipment rentals at your event, to fully producing your entire event from design to execution. If you're interested in hiring us to produce your entire event, don't hesitate to give us a call and discuss details.

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  • 4K Camera Rentals
  • HD LED Walls
  • Event Live Streaming



  • Design & print all event promo materials
  • Fabrication of all event props & furniture
  • Crew for setup and tear down



  • We rent lighting equipment
  • Provide Delivery & Pickup
  • Provide event lighting setup and tear down


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